Our Commitments

Our Commitment

When we founded the En’Diva group of endive growers, we commited to meeting two major objectives: high quality products all year long, and consumer satisfaction.

We have the following priorities :

Close proximity to our customers

Careful attention paid to our customers so as to better understand and anticipate their needs and their expectations.

Our ability to meet their needs throughout the entire year with a constant level of quality in our production.

Total commitment to flawless quality

Everyone in the company is involved. Growers, employees, sales staff – all contribute to moving the company forward and responding to current issues.

Short food supply chain empowers growers with respect to their customers.

Strict specifications are applied, for quality control throughout all the production steps. We have defined a unique standard of quality, applied to each growing field. Product quality is one of our most valuable and essential sales arguments. Each week, the sales office conducts random quality controls, directly in the field, so as to ensure compliance with the specifications.

Extreme freshness

We concentrate on optimal freshness, a key element on the endive market for product quality. Total control over the entire logistics chain (100% direct depart/ 100% goods of the day) and a highly proactive sales team.

Certified quality

GLOBAL G.A.P. certification for 100% of En’Diva products. This certification is a reference of best agricultural practices, recognized and applicable throughout the world. GLOBAL G.A.P. certification covers our production and sales which also meet international requirements.