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En’Diva is devoted to anticipating and meeting our customers’ expectations. En’Diva offers a wide range of products and packaging to suit every type of need and use.

All of the En’Diva growers invest in research and development and stand on the leading edge of innovation. As a result, En’Diva can offer you excellent  products which meet the latest consumer trends.


The story of the endive

Endives are a member of the wild chicory family, and were developed in 1850 by a Belgian horticulturist, Mr. Bréziers.

History has it that in an attempt to pay less taxes, Mr. Bréziers hid several wild chicory roots  under a layer of soil in his cellar. When he returned to fetch them a few weeks later, he saw that the roots had grown white leaves, which he tasted and found very edible. He decided to cultivate the roots.

A few years later, in 1873, witloof (the original name of the endive) was introduced into France. Bitterness was fairly strong in these early endives, and growers worked on breeding endive that was less bitter.

Hauts-de-France grows a high percentage of the world production of endives.

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