Carmine comes from natural cross-breeding of 3 types of chicory, through bees or flowers from the male parent rubbed on flowers from the female parent. The 3 types are Witloof chicory, Chioggia chicory and Verona chicory.  Carmine stands apart from other endives due to its carmine red colour, its round shape and its mild, special taste, often compared to the taste of hazelnut. Carmine endives bring a touch of colour and modernity to our dinner plates. Carmine is always served and used raw.

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Focus : Nutritional qualities !

Endive is thin-friendly and a great  health partner !

Endive is one of the healthiest foods around! Endive is very low in calories yet very rich in minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus) and in vitamins B and C. Fibre-rich endives are 95% water and are very digestible. Due to its potassium content combined with its low sodium content, endives are the ideal health vegetable.

Acknowledged dietetic and nutritional qualities make for slimming, healthy eating!

Nutritional qualities board (per 100g)

* Ciqual 2013
** Recommended daily allowance